Are you open to the challenge?

CHALLENGE! Each kit includes 6 cases of O2, 3 limited-edition coins, and 25 $25 O2 gift cards. Encourage members to fight their hearts out, and reward your scrappiest warriors with O2 and custom Collector’s Edition challenge coins. Only 150 kits available.
Challenge Coins


“Coin check!” Challenge coins are a centuries-old tradition still practiced today by military units and organizations around the world. Coins are awarded for exceptional performance - like, say, feats of ass-kickery in a test of strength.

A “coin check” is a challenge for someone to show their coin, and serves as proof of a shared experience. Proof that you showed up and fought the fight.

These coins are for you to reward your most dedicated members. Perhaps not the strongest or the fastest - but those who inspire us with a no-quit attitude no matter the odds.

And if you lose a coin check? You owe a round of O2! Good luck to all from Team O2!

25 x $25 O2 GIFT CARDS

Use O2 gift cards like money - no strings and no catches. Pass out to members, encourage participation, and boost retention. An easy way to make someone’s day.



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Orange Mango (caffeinated)

- +

Blackberry Currant (caffeine-free)

- +

Grapefruit Ginger (caffeinated)

- +

Lemon Lime (caffeine-free)

- +