Over 2 million cans sold in gyms /  3,000 5-star reviews /  Over 2 million cans sold in gyms /  3,000 5-star reviews /  Over 2 million cans sold in gyms /  3,000 5-star reviews / 

“This is what makes your company separate from all others. Customer service and product. We're 1,000% happy, as are our members.”

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“I honestly can't think of anything else you could do for us. Everything is first rate and you guys kickass. We want to ensure your success and be a part of this important company for many years to come. Please let us know how we can help.”

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“We are selling it like crazy! Margins are good, customer service is great, ordering is easy, delivery is fast, and product is worth selling.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you oxygenate a drink? Will it leave the liquid when I open it?

It’s a similar process to carbonation. The oxygen will dissipate over time, like sparkling water that goes flat.

Why does O2 taste so good?

We use a plant- and fruit-based mix of erythritol, monk fruit, stevia, and organic sugar to give our O2 flavors their unique flavor profile. We use no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

How are there 17G carbs but only 15 calories?

Most of those carbs come ​from erythritol, which is a natural sweetener that passes largely undigested through the body (i.e., you pee it out). So, it accounts for most of the carbs, but only 2 calories. The net carb count on O2 is closer to 3G.

Isn’t caffeine catabolic after a workout?

O2 caffeine content is not high enough to cause a catabolic state after working out. And, just to note - O2’s Blackberry Currant and Lemon Lime flavors are caffeine free.

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