O2 was created by a CrossFit trainer and a medical doctor who were sick of unhealthy sports and energy drinks. When they couldn’t find a healthier option they liked, they made one themselves.

Discover the science behind the high performance beverage that hydrates, energizes, and helps your body process toxins faster – a combination only found in O2.


The pure oxygen in O2 (7X that of typical water) gives your liver added power to process harmful toxins faster, like those released from burning fat during exercise or ethanol from alcohol. Several medical studies have shown up to a 60% increase in the rate your liver processes toxins by consuming oxygenated liquids like O2.

While this insight is common knowledge in the medical field, O2 is the first and only sports recovery drink to incorporate it for your advantage.

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more oxygen than tap water


Electrolytes help your body absorb water and are required to be at your best. When you get dehydrated, you lose these specific minerals and are at risk of feeling lousy, performing poorly, or worse in high-intensity circumstances.

That’s why our co-founding M.D. modeled the liquid volume and electrolyte ratio of O2 on the simple yet effective IV – the gold standard for hydration in medicine.


Caffeine provides numerous benefits to the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Numerous studies have shown it can lead to gains in athletic performance and enhance post-workout recovery, all without causing dehydration – a common misconception. It also alleviates headaches and provides that “pep in your step” we all know and love.

The caffeine in O2 comes from green coffee beans, unlike other energy drinks that are packed with synthetic caffeine. What’s this mean for you? Gradual caffeine absorption for sustained energy instead of that quick cycle of jitters and crash that make you reach for another dose.

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the electrolytes of leading sports drinks

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natural caffeine

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artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives